The pervert’s guide to cinema


My interest:

It was really great to discover a new approach in the discussion about reality and fiction, Also the ways movies can help us understand reality and also create it.

Ideas to explore:

  • Humans need fantasy to be able to deal with reality.
  • A lot of directors play with what you think you know.
  • You can think about virtual reality as a place where you are able to be somebody else, but maybe it is the opposite, virtual reality is the place in witch you can be the real version of you because you don’t have the restrains of the real world (society, culture, law).

This filmĀ has inspired me keep my research on this topic through the exploration of movies from great directors, this is the first List:

  • Blue Velvet: By David Linch
  • Lost Highway: By David Lynch
  • Mulholland Drive: By David Lynch
  • Stalker: By Andrey Tarkovsky