Project proposal V1.0

Working title:

Is reality an institution built inside of a blender?

Aim #1

Explore and reflect about how to represent the experience of life inside physical-virtual reality through physical-digital tools.


Define the main existing dichotomies between the digital world-context and the physical.
Define the main existing dichotomies between the digital objects and the physical.
Explore the different available techniques for digitalization and materialization (towards and from digital world).
Review different approaches to the perception of reality.
Review and explore memory and imagination as inputs to the process of representation.

Aim #2

Create hybrid work of art from my personal reflections on contemporary life in order to engage in conversation with a physical-digital audience.


Experiment with different approaches to digitalization and materialization events.
Experiment with different processes for digital and physical evolution.
Create a series of pieces through different types of physical-digital miscegenation cycles.


For this MA, I would like to explore the context for different subjects:

Reality and fantasy

The relation between reality and fantasy through the history human kind.

Body and mind

Studies reflecting about the relation between body and mind.

How memory works in our brains.
The preservation of human history through different media.
The evolution of digital storage.

Digital art

Representative Artists.
Video games and art.



Web search:

Library search:

Google, yahoo and duckduckgo
Library Database search (e-journals and recorded tv programs.)
DVDs. Papers-journals.

Attending Exhibitions:

Contemporary artist exhibitions.


Action research

I will develop my action research using the following tools:


Digital diagrams

Digital sketches

Physical sketches


Blog posting

I will keep a record of my MA activities through a personal blog, for this I have set several categories that correspond to specific parts of my process:



Here I will publish all the details about sources of information that I might consider important for my practice e.g. videos, web articles and books. At the end of every post I will put my reflection about this source trying to specify why I found it important. I will also keep record of things that come to my mind in a random basis, maybe while I’m sitting on the train, eating, watching facebook or else.


My work:

This are the notes an highlights of every tutorial session. Under this category I will post everything I see as an output from my practice: this includes diagrams, sketches, 3D models, gifs, animations.


Here I will post references from artists, specific pieces, Quotes and reflections that I find significant to the development of my practice.


Digital pieces:

Physical pieces:

This will be a series of pieces that will only exist in the digital space although they may contain traces of physical world. This series of pieces will exist in the physical space but hopefully will exhibit elements from digital aesthetics.

Physical-digital pieces:

I also want to create work of that can inhabit physical-digital spaces. In this case I want to take this concept as further as I can in order to stitch physical-digital experiences in to one single thing.


I will keep record of the sources by publishing a post with reference to the materials I find useful through my research.

I have a digital folder for de documents I may download and use as reference.

I also intend to keep a marker folder on my chrome browser for the documents I can not download.