3D printing – no so perfect

It is fair to say that I have spent more than 4 months learning the different aspects of 3D printing in order push the limits of it, my first problem was that the pieces where pretty small and my rejection from the Lynn Stainers price has left me with a bat taste on my mouth, I am sure it was because of the size of my piece.

So I started building modular models to print them in parts and I also tried to learn how to push the limits of the printer in terms of the printable area, however, it has been one disappointment after another;

Firstly, this modular objects need a flat surface to stick to the plate, and the changes of temperature on the room make it almost imposible to print a non-deformed shape.

3d-printing-no-so-perfect1 3d-printing-no-so-perfect4

Secondly, and also thanks to the deformation of the pieces, now I need to sculpt them and even add synthetic clay to fix them together.

3d-printing-no-so-perfect2 3d-printing-no-so-perfect3 3d-printing-no-so-perfect5

Finally, The 3D printing is very popular at the moment and I have lost precious time because some models have gone wrong.


Worst of all, pieces are still not big enough.