VR Splash – A collective experience

On the 27 of May, I conducted two VR workshops for students and staff at Camberwell, the main goal was to engage in conversation around the possibilities of using VR as a tool or a medium on the creative process, the balance was really great as 7 students and 2 members of staff joined the conversation.



The participants shared images from personal work to be used as textures wrapped around different kinds of 3D objects inside the VR environment.


We also reviewed the basic workflow for VR creation on a live demostration using Photoshop, Blender, Photoscan and Unity software.




At the end, every body had the opportunity to test the final product by navigating the VR experience using a Virtual Reality headset.


This was a very interesting experience for me, it has given me the confidence to create similar events to engage with students and staff that might share my interests on new technologies.

Special Thanks:

Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge the help of two members of staff that helped me a lot to make this workshop possible.

Hannah Pring
Student Marketing Manager
Camberwell College of Arts

Samira Tristani-Firouzi
CCW Engagement Coordinator