Interim Show – A lot to think about

The interim show finished and I feel exhausted, this was a great opportunity to push my self and get some work done, I have to say that I spent almost a month of very hard work in order to finish both pieces.

interim-show-a-lot-to-think-about1 interim-show-a-lot-to-think-about2 interim-show-a-lot-to-think-about3 interim-show-a-lot-to-think-about4

I did spent a good amount of time both invigilating and also visiting the show, I have to say I am a bit surprised about the way people engaged with my pieces, not many comments and the ones that I was able to hear where misleading, I feel that some how people do not know what to make of them or just get them wrong.

Of course, I am not thinking people are wrong neither my pieces, I just feel overwhelmed.