Smells like chicken – A collaboration with Jennet Thomas

Trough this summer I had a great opportunity to work with artist Jennet Tomas, when I met her she told me she was working in a commissioned project she was going to exhibit at Block 336 in the middle of September, when she explained me her idea for a video I suggested to help her by making some 3D animations of one of the characters, she accepted so we spent the next moths sharing thoughts and animating the 3D characters I made using photogrammetry.



I was also involved in the production of the exhibition, It was a great experience that allowed me to meet more artist while gaining experience on how to deliver a big show.


This is the trailer for the show, here you will see bits of the 3D animations I made.

Animal Condensed>>Animal Expanded Trailer1 from Jennet Thomas on Vimeo.