Interpolating images – Connecting realism by abstraction

Today I was thinking about a question that has been bouncing inside of my head for quite a while; how to connect abstract with realistic painting?

I recall that around 2012, I had the intention to make an abstract painting from one I was already making, I do not remember which was it but I remember the idea and how interesting and silly it seemed, anyway, I did not through with it.

At the beginning of this year, while I was working on the piece “portrait of my wife”, I experienced a Deja Vu while I was trying to connect two different parts of the meta-image. I realised that somehow I was painting abstract as I was not trying to represent something specific but rather using the brush to connect different areas of the piece while allowing my unconscious mind to dictate the next move.

After this experience, I wanted to push things a bit further so I started working more challenging painting/sculpture. This was a fascinating experience as I was able to let myself go a lot more than before.

My reflection:

I believe that this has helped me to understand that instead of connecting several images I am reacting to them in a pictorial way, this means that something new is emerging from this process, something that is not a direct depiction of something but rather a subconscious reaction to the images.