Piggy project – a commission from artist Jennet Thomas

On January 2018, Artist Jennet Thomas hired me to help her create new 3D animated footage for her latest piece, the initial idea was to play with a 3D model of a pig she bought from an asset store.

So I started making a series of animations using multiple instances of the pig model.

After reviewing this material, Jennet suggested me to take a different approach as she provided me with some images of a specific location she wanted to use, so we agreed on creating several animations of different piggies walking on the branches of a fallen tree.

So I rigged the model and created 3D branches projected over a still image that would be later used as the background for the digital composing process.

Afterwards, I made multiple animations of different instances of the model with varying sizes and speeds.

Finally, I used After Effects to place individual animations on separate layers (Including the original background image) and rendered the entire project, this footage was later incorporated on to the final audiovisual piece.

This is a video of the final composited shot: