Interactive AR project – Stage 1

This is my second Augmented Reality application, my aim for this project, is to create an interactive app featuring a little dinosaur that has to defeat some creepy monsters by incinerating them with his fire breath.

Stage 1

My first goal was to learn how to move a character through space whilst switching between two different animations: one that played when the character is waiting and another one that played every time the character moves around the space, for this, I also wanted to incorporate a screen joystick to control the character’s movements.

So my first task was to make two separate animations of my 3D rigged model:

I found a great youtube tutorial that had almost everything I needed, it was a bit out of date so I had to look for a secondary source to understand how to use Vuforia plugin nowadays, it is actually easier as it is already included in Unity from version 2017.02 onwards. I managed to replicate the Donald Trump app, it worked! My next step was to use my own 3D model/animations.

In order to create my own project, I had to spend a bit of time understanding how image targets work, one the first things I learned is that Vuforia ranks your images from zero to 5 stars. My first image got zero!!!

After doing a bit of research, I found a very good guide (on Vuforia’s website) and I went from zero to one and finally up to three stars!

It turns out that images with high contrast and non-repetitive patterns make much better targets!

So I used this image as my target image for my project:

I even took the risk of adding a flat terrain for the character to walk on top of it, ant it worked!

Finally, I compiled my project and uploaded it to my phone using an app called Android File Transfer (I had to do this as I was working on a Mac, Windows PCs allow you to connect directly to your android phone).

And this is a video of me testing first stage

From here, I am planning to build a more complex environment for the character to walk on top of, so far I have made some tests but the character just walks through the 3D meshes.

I did a bit of research and found out that apparently all colliders are deactivated by Vuforia’s script. Figuring this out is this project’s stage 2.


First youtube tutorial:

Vuforia updated content:

Vuforia target features

Android file transfer