Public transport VR

For the last years, I have developed many different VR experiences that were displayed inside of buildings and in controlled access areas. Allowing the viewer through physical space has proven to be a challenging task as you have to restrict the range of movement whilst constantly supervise movements in order to prevent accidents.

Placing VR in public transport vehicles like buses, trains, boats and perhaps elevators seems to be a move in the right direction as they tend to be safe and existing VR Roller Coasters show that the use of physical controlled movement complements the immersive illusion by adding the haptic sensation of both physical movement and physical acceleration/deceleration.

The first stage of this research project will involve learning how to capture data form the accelerometer and the gyroscope of the VIVE FOCUS in order to sync the movement of the 3D camera (through digital space) with the physical movement of the viewer.

I have already found some tutorials for Unreal Engine, so I hope to develop my first prototype by the end of April 2019.