Portrait of my wife

On January I created a piece called “Portrait of my wife”,  this was my next physical sculpture after the ones I made for the Interim show, I felt quite challenged by it and my research was focused on the ways one can depict the self, around that same time I finished reading “Picturing the Self” – by artist Geb Doy.

Up to this point, I feel that when depicting visual reality, I have to balance both the landscape and de subject in order to build the dynamics of my pieces; is not about people or places, it is about both.

Physically expanding the image

Again I was thinking about Zygmunt Bauman’s book “Globalization”. At one point, I felt that there was a connection between the dematerialization of information and my need to extrude the image. Maybe I am making 3D images in an effort to physically grasp the reality that is represented in them, to make them an object that exists inside my physical space rather than a flat image presented on a screen.


Maybe this has to do with the fact that the huge flood of digital images makes us feel disconnected because the are not part of immediate physical reality. on Bauman’s book, he was referring to how time and space have been compressed in a globalised world

What is this relation between time and space?

Me, Others and the Space – keeping record

As many humans, I have the habit of collecting images on my mobile phone to keep record, however, I also have the habit of sorting and classifying them. Since I decided to work on three different subjects: me, others and the space, I have done the same:


When I take this photographs I try to explore the possibilities of the self portrait in combination with the context, some times I ask my wife to help me and other times I use my camera to have more flexibility.



I don’t ask for permission, I prefer to capture people off guard, I specially like to capture people in the city; inside buses, trains, or the street. I also like taking photos of people without getting their faces, their identity.


The space

I do like to take photographs with a depth vectors, images that might suggest the use of perspective systems, I do like nature and I also like the messiness of the city.


Cell Tunnel – Work in progress

Thanks to what I learned making the Camberwell Roller Coaster, now I feel more confident about using 3D expanded images inside Blender.

This piece is based on my exploration of “Others”, As I mentioned in an older post, I do collect images of people I see on the street, in this piece I wan to connect completely strangers through their mobile phone screens, this is also an opportunity to keep exploring ways to expand the image.

Although the animation is pretty “bumpy” at the moment, I quite like how it is looking.

Smells like chicken – A collaboration with Jennet Thomas

Trough this summer I had a great opportunity to work with artist Jennet Tomas, when I met her she told me she was working in a commissioned project she was going to exhibit at Block 336 in the middle of September, when she explained me her idea for a video I suggested to help her by making some 3D animations of one of the characters, she accepted so we spent the next moths sharing thoughts and animating the 3D characters I made using photogrammetry.



I was also involved in the production of the exhibition, It was a great experience that allowed me to meet more artist while gaining experience on how to deliver a big show.


This is the trailer for the show, here you will see bits of the 3D animations I made.

Animal Condensed>>Animal Expanded Trailer1 from Jennet Thomas on Vimeo.

Big Boy – self portrait video

I started to make a self portrait video. I was inspired to do this after learning to animate 3D characters for the collaboration I did with Jennet Thomas.

For this project I am building several portraits of my self combining different techniques i.e. Photogrammetry, 3D modeling, Sculpture/painting and video footage


My plan is to build a video with my reflections of what it means to become a grown up / artist and how it clashes with the expectations set for you by others.

This is a preview of the first render:

Framed landscapes – A collage of memories

At the end of July I found the perfect excuse to start working on middle size pieces, I saw an open call on the mall galleries and I wanted to build two pieces large enough to be presented to this contest, I applied the same construction principles I had learn with smaller pieces but soon I discovered it was going to be a far  more complex and challenging process.

My idea for this was to connect different moments represented by different images inside a single piece. I wanted to represent the idea that visual memory is a collage of elements dynamically attached to one another.

I started by selecting two images from a gallery of photographs I took on two different trips to natural parks near London i.e. Richmond Park and Windsor Park, then I went through a gallery of photographs from my cellphone and selected two more images from past experiences, Finally, I “stitched” them both inside Blender and built a 3D model of them.



Afterwards, I had to rethink my construction logic and spent quite a good amount of time just learning how to translate the 3D model onto 3 separated layers of foam.

Framed_landscapes-1 Framed_landscapes-2

Finally I was able to finish both pieces for the contest and now I am waiting for the results.

Framed_landscapes-3 Framed_landscapes-4


In this series I was really decided to take risks, and I did take more than a couple, now I feel inspired to take things even further. I think that this first attempt was pretty successful.

Sculpting the 3D image

This summer I dedicated a fair amount of time developing my practice as a painter/sculptor. Thanks to my experience building the pieces for the MA Final show I gained enough confidence to start working on a new series of painting sculptures.

I wanted to make a series of small pieces I called “square landscapes”, this was an opportunity to test a new approach to the construction process and although I still working on them, I gained crucial knowledge on how to use the materials.

First I selected 4 photographs; two landscapes from UK and two photos I took while living in Colombia, I made two different 3D models combining one landscape with one image from Colombia.






Bringing the chicken to life

I have been working with Jennet for quite a while on the “chicken project”, the latest challenge has been to learn how to properly animate a 3D character using Blender.


After a long tutorial and several cups of coffee I understood the basics of character animation and now I am having fun animating this twisted character.


At the beginning of this project I was thinking about using photogrammetry to create static 3D models to use inside of Unity for a “walk around project”, this new knowledge has opened new doors for me and I am now planning to create a series of videos with animated models from meshes built with photogrammetry. My first idea is to create a “moving reality” film.