So fast so lost – or not?

Confessions on the MPR video:

I am grateful for all the feedback that other students and staff gave me. I have to say that I have been thinking about this video for the last week, reflecting about what I meant when I said I feel lost.

To be fair, the process of doing this video helped me a lot in order to gain a new perspective on my practice. Although I started to plan it 15 days before the deadline and even made a couple of animations, it was only until the last 3 remaining days that I was able to focus and develop a plan for it. I started by creating a timeline of events across five different categories, this was a breakthrough because I finally gain a bigger perspective over the whole situation and it helped me a lot to create the basic script for my presentation.


On the morning of the final day, I almost finished the text for my video and started to make the recording of the voice, I had spent precious hours trying to do an animation on blender but time was passing by and the renders where ridiculously slow.


3 Hours before the deadline I decided that I had to improvise and It had to be fast, Powerpoint was out of the question because I was not able to use it to sincronice sound so I did had to go for a more horrific solution i.e. IMOVIE.

The last 3 hours were crazy and I uploaded the thing without having time to change anything, my mind was boiling.

By the end of the whole process I was exhausted and yet exited about the last piece of the video, those questions where really important and I their meaning was expanding in my head.

The next day I started to think about a new SOLID idea with 3 different approaches and I spent the whole weekend working on that.

By Tuesday the 15th, everything was different in my head because I finally understood that this whole process has worked as a self-portrait.

One last confession:

Right after the review of my video, I knew that my interpretation of it was really different from anybody else’s just because I had a different perspective on the last two words…


(but I could not talk about it).

Keep on going

This Tuesday I had my second tutorial with Jonathan, we discussed a lot of things:

We started talking about my process and the possibilities I found on trying avoid rational thinking in order to create my work, I explained the different stages of it and what I was trying to accomplish, he was glad I was trying to create pieces that went beyond narrative.

Then he asked me about maybe thinking about a way to create a different kind of objects, some kind of recipient for my images, I told him that I was already thinking about that thanks to a visit I made to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, were I saw his pottery pieces.


I was fascinated as I thought that those were proof of his attempt to study 3D images, I also told him that that day I made a connection to another memory I had when I visited the Metropolitan Museum in New York city, it was on October 2012 and I saw a real sarcophagus for the first time, that day I was particularly impressed by  the arrangement of images painted both inside and outside of this magnificent object.


He recommended me to see the work of Justin Mortimer.

Near the end of the tutorial I showed him the exploration I am doing around mirrors and reflections, I explained that everything started with a lunch on an special place in Barcelona were I found a pretty interesting wall, he told me that he had seen the post I made about it and that it was a good example of what one should do on a regular basis.

I showed him a video of the experiment I am doing right now and how I want to approach it in the future. He told me that this was a really interesting idea and encouraged me to keep exploring.

At the end he told me also to take a look on the work of Manfred Mohr.


Wondering arround uncertainty

Today we discussed the main topics of my project, I have to work on the title although I’ll probably get it right when I define the other components of my project.

We had also a good talk about the main theme of my proposal, Jonathan gave me a great advise about my different interest, one way for describing is thinking about a recipe in witch every interest can be a different ingredient, I just have to be careful not to ad to much Neuroscience on it.


We did also talk about my work, my interest on complex reality representation through the use of space and why is important to work through series.

It is clear to me that I have to check references of other artists, Jonathan suggested me to take a look at the writings of James Elkins and he also thought it is a good idea to check the work of Peter Lanyon and Richard Smith.

Next steps…

  • Keep working on the project.
  • Check artist references.
  • Keep on exploring digital and physical 3D representation.