Immersive Splash

A few days ago I had a great opportunity to run a workshop as a visiting lecturer at Camberwell College of Arts, 11 BA Photography students took part in this long-day activity, at the end of the day, everybody got a chance to test their own stereoscopic 360 content.

The following are examples of the type of content that we created during the workshop:

Documenting visual thinking

On the 11th of May 2017, I had the opportunity to ran a workshop exploring the use of VR to create a reflective journal. 12 participants (UAL students and staff) took part on the event held at Conway Hall Library.

We started by experiencing a VR sketchbook that I had built previous to the session, then we reviewed the creation workflow, participants were quite keen on understanding how they could adapt this technology to document their creative process.

We explored specific ways to integrate content such as journal pages, drawings, photos, 3d objects and videos. This is a video showing the interior of my VR sketchbook.

Drawing for VR

The Digital Maker Collective was invited to take part on the Mozilla Festival 2016 that was held at Ravensbourne University over the weekend, October 28-30. I suggested to my colleagues from the VR exploration group, that we could explore a different approach to 3D content creation by developing a socially engagin exercise. All members of the group were excited about this idea so we started preparing for the event.

Basically, our plan was to invite attendants to make simple drawings which we then photographed with our phones and then convert them to vector objects using Adobe Illustrator.

Then we will extrude the flat vector objects to create 3D shapes that will be later imported inside of Unity to populate a 3D space that was then compiled as a VR app.

We ran this activity on Friday 28th and managed to get a quite good response from kids and their families. This was also a great opportunity to meet with young VR enthusiasts and to engage in very interesting conversations.

The whole experience was amazing and it really helped us to rethink the way VR contents are traditionally created.

This is a post made by the Digital Maker Collective team documenting the whole Mozilla experience.

VR Splash – May 2016

On the 27 of May – 2016, I conducted two VR workshops for students and staff at Camberwell, the main goal was to engage in conversation around the possibilities of using VR as a tool or a medium on the creative process, the balance was really great as 7 students and 2 members of staff joined the conversation.



The participants shared images from personal work to be used as textures wrapped around different kinds of 3D objects inside the VR environment.


We also reviewed the basic workflow for VR creation on a live demonstration using Photoshop, Blender, Photoscan and Unity software.




In the end, everybody had the opportunity to test the final product by navigating the VR experience using a Virtual Reality headset.


This was a very interesting experience for me, it has given me the confidence to create similar events to engage with students and staff that might share my interests in new technologies.

Special Thanks:

Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge the help of two members of staff that helped me a lot to make this workshop possible.

Hannah Pring
Student Marketing Manager
Camberwell College of Arts

Samira Tristani-Firouzi
CCW Engagement Coordinator

Digital Maker Week

Last week we had the second big event since the Digital Maker Collective was created, the CCW DIGITAL MAKER WEEK held at Chelsea College of Arts.


It was a great week full of different activities around the use of digital technology, I was in charge of the Virtual/mixed reality session.


I did enjoy the challenge of engaging in conversations with different students whilst building and testing a VR experience.

Participants were also encouraged to work on their own projects and we had a chance to also discuss further steps for each one of them.

VR publication

On April 20th of 2016, I had the opportunity to develop and run a VR publication workshop for fellow students and staff, a total of 7 people were introduced to 3D modelling.

Participants learned how to import a 3D model inside of Unity, also how to create basic 3D objects and animate them and finally, how to compile the project to create a VR executable file that was later tested on the Oculus DK2.

Learning the basic workflow for VR publication was a good start for the attending members of the Digital Maker Collective as they were planning to create a series of individual VR pieces to be showcased at the Digital Maker Week event.

3D print made simple

On March 10th of 2016, I had the opportunity to develop and run a 3D printing workshop for fellow students and staff, a total of 8 people were introduced to 3D modelling.

All participants learned how to both make a simple 3D model of a robot and also export it and save it as a printing model, at the end, everybody was able to take home a small print of their robot.

To run this workshop y decided to create a small website containing basic tutorials to get students started.

I quite enjoyed doing this workshop, participants were quite active and it was great actually to have had enough time to print 8 small size robots.