Wondering arround uncertainty

Today we discussed the main topics of my project, I have to work on the title although I’ll probably get it right when I define the other components of my project.

We had also a good talk about the main theme of my proposal, Jonathan gave me a great advise about my different interest, one way for describing is thinking about a recipe in witch every interest can be a different ingredient, I just have to be careful not to ad to much Neuroscience on it.


We did also talk about my work, my interest on complex reality representation through the use of space and why is important to work through series.

It is clear to me that I have to check references of other artists, Jonathan suggested me to take a look at the writings of James Elkins and he also thought it is a good idea to check the work of Peter Lanyon and Richard Smith.

Next steps…

  • Keep working on the project.
  • Check artist references.
  • Keep on exploring digital and physical 3D representation.

Current work: Digitalization – Materialization Cycle

Right now I center my attention on the boundary between physical and Digital worlds, my latest work illustrates a cycle of digitalization – materialization, for this, I use a triad of elements: digital photography, computer software and oil painting.

This is the first sketch model I did for this series of paintings over 3D paper structure:

And this is the final work: