Big Boy – self portrait video

I started to make a self portrait video. I was inspired to do this after learning to animate 3D characters for the collaboration I did with Jennet Thomas.

For this project I am building several portraits of my self combining different techniques i.e. Photogrammetry, 3D modeling, Sculpture/painting and video footage


My plan is to build a video with my reflections of what it means to become a grown up / artist and how it clashes with the expectations set for you by others.

This is a preview of the first render:

Exploring the physicality of the image

Today I was thinking that perhaps I explore the physicality of the image in order to make sense of the way I recall things in my mind. Somehow I feel that memories have this 3D information attached to them, so far, I have made quite a good amount of sketches exploring different options:

Man in bench.


A walk through ambiguity #2


A walk through ambiguity #3


Others #1


Stairs #1


Others #2

exploring-the-physicality-of-the-image5 exploring-the-physicality-of-the-image6



For me, the process of reshaping the image on a three-dimensional shape allows me to connect with it on a physical level. What is more, it allows me to expand and even dislocate the perspective of the photograph.

Camberwell Roller Coaster – Fishing with VR

DIWO-1This last Wednesday Raum Gallery opened the door for me and I had the opportunity to spend for almost 7 hours sharing my first VR piece with people that was passing by (At some point I used the VR set as a “fish hook” – it worked!).


Although I was not counting, I estimate that at least 50 brave participants sat to experiment my VR experiment. This experience taught me a lot as I had the opportunity to chat with almost everybody about the experience.


One unexpected and wonderful fact about this whole event is that, for more than half of the participants, it was the first time ever they interacted with a VR device.

This is a 360 video that closely depicts the VR experience. Try watching it in 4K.

Special thanks to:


360 + hours to render!

Last week I started to work on an animation for a VR presentation that I made yesterday. When I was working on Blender, I decided to check if it was possible to make a 360 video of this animation, I discovered that it was actually very easy to set the parameters to render this kind of video, however, the difficult part is actually rendering the video on a decent quality. Now I know that I have to find a powerful computer to get it right.

So far I’ve made 4 attempts, this is the one with the biggest quality :/

Diagram #1

This is a model I made to reflect about the composition of an experience. Basically, I am trying to figure out how to  represent a specific scene/topic in a way that also acknowledges the existence of additional information. This is important to me as I feel that when representing thoughts, it is important to understand that visual information behaves like a collage (at least in my brain).

Anthony Caro

He was an English Abstract Expressionist sculptor.

My interest:

I really like the way he changed the way sculptures are viewed, not over a counter or a pedestal, but from the flor, as if they are an active part of your surroundings, I’m also interested in the way he constructs the narrative, it is like you can approach the piece from different angles, there is no main feature, it is more like you are entering an experience.

Work of art that I find interesting:

Early One Morning 1962 Sir Anthony Caro born 1924 Presented by the Contemporary Art Society 1965
Early One Morning 1962 Sir Anthony Caro born 1924 Presented by the Contemporary Art Society 1965

Yellow Swing 1965 Sir Anthony Caro 1924-2013 Purchased 1965
Yellow Swing 1965 Sir Anthony Caro 1924-2013 Purchased 1965

Emma Dipper 1977 Sir Anthony Caro born 1924 Presented by the artist 1982
Emma Dipper 1977 Sir Anthony Caro born 1924 Presented by the artist 1982


Current work: Digitalization – Materialization Cycle

Right now I center my attention on the boundary between physical and Digital worlds, my latest work illustrates a cycle of digitalization – materialization, for this, I use a triad of elements: digital photography, computer software and oil painting.

This is the first sketch model I did for this series of paintings over 3D paper structure:

And this is the final work: