Mariano Fortuny y Marzal

A couple of weeks back, I went with my girlfriend to visit the city of Madrid, Food and wine, Family and art, To make the story short, I was walking fast through the monumental space of “El Prado Museum” and I was immediately dazzled by the strength of the brushstroke on this painting: “Naked man in the sun”.


And in the same room I founded a vast body of work that really inspired me to look for more information about the artist.

Children in Japanese Hall

Nude on the Beach at Portici

Fantasy about Fausto


beyond the great painting skills, I really like the way he manages to produce a focus effect on the painting by adding detail to little bits of the composition, I especially like the way he painted the piece about his two child

I also like the way he merged two different scenes to introduce Fantasy into the representation.

Camberwell Roller Coaster – Fishing with VR

DIWO-1This last Wednesday Raum Gallery opened the door for me and I had the opportunity to spend for almost 7 hours sharing my first VR piece with people that was passing by (At some point I used the VR set as a “fish hook” – it worked!).


Although I was not counting, I estimate that at least 50 brave participants sat to experiment my VR experiment. This experience taught me a lot as I had the opportunity to chat with almost everybody about the experience.


One unexpected and wonderful fact about this whole event is that, for more than half of the participants, it was the first time ever they interacted with a VR device.

This is a 360 video that closely depicts the VR experience. Try watching it in 4K.

Special thanks to:


Lost Highway


My interest:

This is a interesting movie, it was really cool to watch the way Lynch substituted roles an characters, I also was very interested by the way he defined some characters and left some of them completely undefined. The reality of the story broke several times without explanations and it ended right at the beginning. This film was full of ambiguity. I specially liked a part of the dialog:

Ed: Do you own a video camera?
Renee Madison: No. Fred hates them.
Fred Madison: I like to remember things my own way.
Ed: What do you mean by that?
Fred Madison: How I remembered them. Not necessarily the way they happened.

Ideas to explore:

  • Everybody has a version of reality.
  • Ambiguity awakes the mind.



My interest:

This is a very weird movie, it involves the concept of virtual reality gaming, at the end you find that there are more layers in to the drama. At some point I suspected that the bad acting was actually due to the bad acting inside video games (am not sure). At some points the fantasy was broken due to lacks in the “realism” but at the same time, this fractures on credibility opened the path for surprise.

Ideas to explore:

  • Some lacks in “realism” can lead to new dimensions.
  • Breaking the credibility can set the mind of the spectator onto a different and exploitable mood.


Mulholland Drive


My interest:

This is an interesting movie, it mixes fantasy and reality without warning, the main character really amazing, at the end I was really surprised.

Ideas to explore:

  • Going back and forth from fantasy to reality can be a powerful way to create ambiguity.
  • The representation of experience doesn’t have to follow a straight line in time.

The pervert’s guide to cinema


My interest:

It was really great to discover a new approach in the discussion about reality and fiction, Also the ways movies can help us understand reality and also create it.

Ideas to explore:

  • Humans need fantasy to be able to deal with reality.
  • A lot of directors play with what you think you know.
  • You can think about virtual reality as a place where you are able to be somebody else, but maybe it is the opposite, virtual reality is the place in witch you can be the real version of you because you don’t have the restrains of the real world (society, culture, law).

This film has inspired me keep my research on this topic through the exploration of movies from great directors, this is the first List:

  • Blue Velvet: By David Linch
  • Lost Highway: By David Lynch
  • Mulholland Drive: By David Lynch
  • Stalker: By Andrey Tarkovsky