Eric Zammitt

He is a north american artist that uses acrylic plastic and plexiglass in order to create different kinds of abstract pieces. His main interest is fixed on patterns and the way us humans respond to them as living creatures.

My interest:

I was attracted by the colors and shapes of his sculptures, He goes through a really complex process to create his work of art, although I feel that some how this restricts the possible outcome, the final product is quite interesting.

On an interview, he compared the analog pixels in his work to the digital pixels we see in a screen, this made me think about the processes one can use (including the ones I used in the past) to imitate virtual reality in physical life, he also talked about patterns in nature and the way we humans are “programed” to detect them this is actually a pretty good concept to explore through Neuroscience.

Work of art that I find interesting:


OCDsupernatural, 2005
Laminated acrylic plastic


Echo Spectrum, 2011
Laminated plexiglass