Reality as a Streamline – A trip through the Neurohighways

While working on my first VR project I could not help to think that for most of the time, we humans (I guess animals too) end up living our lives inside of fixed paths. I started to imagine that they are like tunnels that cut through reality offering us with a secure yet very narrow view over the physical existence.


From my research on neuroscience,I know that this phenomenon has a biological explanation and a big impact on the way we experience life.


This is a pretty interesting fact that I will explore by creating more VR experiences.

No boundary

So far, my conclusion is that there is not such a boundary or division between physical and digital reality, we just think like that as an attempt to understand this different aspects of contemporary life, so we just try to separate them the same way we try to understand our own selves by separating body and mind.


That is why I decided to change my first approach and keep developing work that involves physical and digital dimensions.

Reality is…

  • Not a thing.
  • Not a place.
  • Always evolving.
  • Always perceived in a subjective way.
  • A mix of physical and a digital dimensions.

Physical-digital miscegenation cycle #2

This is my second diagram, I began trying to specify a wide range of components and it has changed a lot.




Right now I am starting to understand the possible relations between “context” and “processes” in the digital world. Files or “digital objects” can have different states depending on the context.

I am also aware that digital environments are dependant on physical matter .